Elle Reads

Elle Reads (1/30/21)

Well the first month of 2021 is almost on the books. Oh and my first book is releasing on Monday 2/1/21 so maaaaybe check that out?

For this week’s readings, I have only one question: Do you like flirty bad boys falling for the precious nerdlets in their life? Yeah, I thought you might. This week I re-read and finished the webcomic Long Exposure by Mars Heyward and read the book Smash & Grab: RELIC #1 by Maz Maddox.

Long Exposure is the story of Jonas Wagner, a senior in high school who gets paired up with his old bully, Mitch Mueller, for an environmental science project. They decide to investigate a flood that once wrecked their town and end up stumbling into a seemingly abandoned, fenced off area of the forest where they both gain surprise superpowers! From there Jonas and Mitch navigate high school, concerned friends, shitty parents, a suspicious black vehicle that seems to follow them wherever they go, and coming to terms with their feelings for each other.

I started this comic ages ago and remembered I hadn’t checked in on it in awhile. Then it took me about 20 minutes to track it back down because I’d forgotten the name and also hadn’t bookmarked it. But I found it and it’s now COMPLETE! There are also print editions available at Indy Planet, which offer some additional gorgeous cover art.

Long Exposure is a quintessential soft, nerdy boy meets hard, angry boy love story. The art style is grunge-y and incredibly unique. The characters are relatable, especially Jonas; I really appreciate a protagonist who is not conventionally attractive. It gives the comic an edge of authenticity, as if it could have happened down the street in your own hometown. Now that Long Exposure is complete, check out the Mars’ upcoming webcomic, Ride Or Die, or support them on Patreon!

In Smash & Grab, paleontologist Simon is working late in the basement of the American Museum of Natural History on preparing a newly-discovered fossilized dinosaur egg when he’s attacked by mysterious and scary men in black. Then he’s rescued by a snarky bat-wielding punk with a pink mohawk named Dalton. After a quick explanation that the fossil of Simon’s focus is being sought by a cartel-adjacent fossil collector, they escape on the road to avoid capture. Oh and did I mention Dalton can also shape-shift into a raptor? As Simon and Dalton road trip south from New York toward Dallas to escape the vicious hitmen after them, they start catching feelings for one another.

This was the first book I’ve read that went anywhere near the “shifter” trope. Smash & Grab is so full of charm and personality and man, I really have a thing for flirty, tattooed bad boys, I guess. The plot and action scenes in this story are solid, as well as the relationship that blooms between Simon and Dalton (Dalton’s “Pretty Simon” pet name now lives in my head rent free). Given that this one is part of a series I’m very excited to read the next installment.

Also, if you are more keen on listening to your stories, an audiobook version of Smash & Grab was released this month.

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