Book Releases

COLLISION DAMAGE – M/M Trans Romance – Coming October 16, 2021

I’m releasing a novella titled COLLISION DAMAGE on October 16, 2021.

Real quick I just want to say that 2021 has been a hell of a year. I put out four books that I’m mostly proud of. I’ve started writing erotic shorts that are fun and scratch the “put something out now!” itch. I’ve made some amazing writer friends via Twitter, who are all extremely talented and wonderful. As this year begins to wind down, I’m thinking a lot about the future and what kind of work I want to put into the world.

This year I also came out as trans. And because of that, I want to write as many trans masc characters as I can fucking stand. There are some beautiful and challenging stories out there featuring trans masc characters and I want nothing more than to add to that number. I’ve also seen a good bit of chatter about how trans characters should be allowed to be messy, not a monolith or a “good example,” and that struck a chord with me.

So bearing that in mind, I wrote COLLISION DAMAGE. It’s a story about some messy nerds making questionable decisions, some that readers may not agree with on a practical level. That’s fine. Life is full of stupid decisions, but I adore the magic that happens when things work out. Finding love and acceptance despite our faults is the pinnacle of romance to me.


Jonas would probably have more going for him if he had more than a high school GED and didn’t have to work two jobs. He spends his off days alone or at his friend Nicky’s, drinking beer and occasionally playing board games.

When he meets Harper, who runs tabletop games at a local meetup, Jonas is initially rebuffed by Harper’s cold, disinterested exterior. But as he gets to know Harper through subsequent encounters, he learns Harper is trans, owns a used bookstore/hobby shop, and unfortunately shares an apartment with his ex-boyfriend.

Despite Jonas’s initial impression, Harper turns out to be kind and patient. As they spend more time together, Jonas’s feelings for Harper evolve into something deeper than friendship. As he starts to consider the future instead of existing from day to day, he finds that life is full of meaning and possibility despite being messy and unexpected.

You can pre-order COLLISION DAMAGE on Amazon for $2.99. (And unlike my past releases, this title will not be available for Kindle Unlimited.)

You can also check out the official playlist for COLLISION DAMAGE on Spotify.

This book is the first of many planned stories featuring trans men finding love. If you can’t wait, check out some of my recent speculative erotic shorts which all feature trans men:




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