Kinktober, Monster Edition (Oct 1-2) – VAMPIRE

I seem to enjoy writing monster smut and I’ve wanted to write more kink, so enter the perfect storm of Tia Liet’s Kinktober monster flash prompts! I may not hit every prompt for this month, schedule permitting, but I’m excited to challenge myself a little!

The prompt for October 1-2 is VAMPIRE and I chose masks and sex toys as the kinks. Please enjoy!

(cw: biting, blood, overstimulation, bondage)

When Sebastien left the soiree thrumming on the main floor below and entered his bedroom, he removed his twin-tailed dinner jacket and draped it over an upholstered chair. His eyes fell upon his heavy-framed bed, where a masked man lay outstretched and restrained. A vibrator throbbed between his legs, attached to his thigh with thin leather straps.

“Master, please,” the man sobbed.

“Come now, pet, the party’s hardly started.” Sebastien sat on the edge of the mattress. He watched the man struggle and writhe for a few moments, then dragged a gloved finger down the man’s exposed stomach.

The man’s gasp echoed a creak of leather; his body rocked against the restraints around his wrists and ankles. His head tipped to the side, sweeping his mask up his forehead to reveal beads of sweat and tears.

“Sensitive,” Sebastien approved. His fangs lengthened. “Do you want me to feed on you, pet?”

The man’s hips twitched as he whimpered.

“Shh.” Sebastien crawled on top of the man, bracketing his shoulders. “Answer me, pet.”

“Y-yes, my lord. Yes.” The man nodded, his lip caught in his teeth. He tilted his head, breath hitching like a moth caught in his throat.

“Good boy,” Sebastien murmured. He kissed the smooth skin of the man’s neck, pinpointing the steady throb of pulse before he sunk his fangs in.

“Ah!” The man jerked. “Sir, I’m—”

Sebastien hardly heard the man’s cries over the roar of bloodlust in his ears, but he felt the body beneath quiver as the man came. Blood seeped into Sebastian’s mouth, a deluge of sticky-sweet so rich he could hardly stand to savor it. He lifted his head once he’d finished feeding, licking beads of blood from his lips. “How many is that?”

“F-five,” the man said, his eyelids fluttering. “Please turn it off.”

“My goodness,” Sebastien chuckled, reaching down to switch the vibrator off. The man took one—two—three sharp, uneven breaths, the final stretching into a long exhale as his body relaxed. Sebastian kissed the man’s stomach gently before he raked his teeth over his navel.


Sebastien undid the cuffs around the man’s wrists and ankles, rubbing away ache from flustered skin. He unclipped the straps holding the toy to the man’s thigh and shoved it across the sheets. “You’re so good for me, pet,” Sebastien murmured.

“Yes,” the man murmured, voice full of air. “Yes, master.”

Sebastien curled against the man, stroking his stomach lazily. “Now go clean up, make yourself lovely for me, and join the party downstairs, hm?” He raked his fingers up the man’s chest until he cupped his throat, thumbing the raw bitemark that was already beginning to close up. “I want to show you off tonight.”

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