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OF MONSTERS & MEN // introduction

So here at the end of 2021 I find myself in a deep reading slump. It is what it is; no reason to examine it, considering everything going on. But I’ve had this idea brewing to 1) do some kind of themed review series, because I genuinely enjoy writing reviews for the reading mindfulness and craft examination, and 2) read more damn gay monster books.

It’s not that there’s a horrible lack of monster books—and I’ll get to my criteria in a minute—but I’ve been writing a lot of monsterfucking lately (can’t goddamn get enough of it) so I’ve wanted to read more monsterfucking; but I also write m/m, and so I specifically wanted to read more m/m monsterfucking, and writing reviews is my way of holding myself accountable to that.

Thus, OF MONSTERS & MEN was conceived.

Wait, so what qualifies as a “monster romance”?

The good news is: it’s all up to interpretation. The bad news is: it’s all up to interpretation. There’s a huge overlap with fantasy and paranormal and even some sci-fi when it comes to monster romance and we could debate what does or doesn’t qualify for weeks, but I’d rather just read books and talk about them instead.

I can guarantee what I will not be covering for this series—A/B/O and mpreg are big ones, as well as anything super grimdark. I’ll also probably skip more common fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi creatures for now (your vampires, werewolves, aliens, etc) because there is, quite simply, a lot out there already that’s not too difficult to find and sort through. I’m pretty much going for niche3 at this point.

What I do hope I can promise: Engaging stories! Full heat! Queer representation! And obviously, MONSTERS!

Reviews will cover story length, content tags, and a brief review including a spoiler-free synopsis. I’ll also include a few notes on the steam, because as much as I’m interested in moving stories, I want that smut, too. That said, I’d like to try and avoid reducing any of the reviews to “good job, A+ monster dick, NEXT” but if you feel like hollerin’ at me on Twitter, I’ll be more than happy to confirm a story’s heat level and any details that aren’t covered in the review or the book’s content warnings.

Some minor housekeeping notes: I’m not committing to any sort of update frequency. Some of these books might have been reviewed hundreds of times already, but this series is more about cataloging what’s already out there that falls within the theme (though, perhaps if I keep it up long enough, I’ll have new books to review in the future!). Also the current format I have in mind will group similar books together (either by type of monsters or story similarities, etc), but that may change in the future as I work through the backlist I’ve assembled.

That’s pretty much it! I’m really excited for this project. 😀

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