Nocturne’s Thrall

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Published February 2021

Brokenhearted aspiring chef Javi del Toro starts a promising new position at Nocturne, a high-end restaurant only open at night. He falls in love with everything about the job—except for Nocturne’s owner, the cold, disinterested Adrien Volt. Javi is determined to win Adrien’s approval but quickly realizes his goals may be about more than just professional validation from his boss.

Adrien Volt hides in plain sight as a member of Chicago’s vampire collective. He devotes himself fully to running his business and has little personal life to speak of. But then the new hire in his restaurant catches his eye, and Adrien is drawn to Javi’s unbridled passion and natural talent in the kitchen. When Adrien discovers something sinister is lurking in Javi’s past, he’s suddenly compelled to do everything in his power to keep Javi safe.

As Javi and Adrien stumble through their feelings and learn to trust each other, their lives clash and overlap in dangerous ways, forcing both human and vampire to decide what it will take for them to be together.

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Twenty-something Ethan encounters a mysterious stranger in the arcade of the bowling alley where he works. Turns out the man is no human, but a demon named Pez, who enjoys vintage arcade games, breakfast food, and making Ethan’s head spin whenever he’s nearby. Even with Pez’s intricate tattoos and enchanting presence, demons are probably not great boyfriend material, right? So why can’t Ethan stay away, despite being warned that his involvement with Pez will bring destruction to the mortal plane?

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Published May 2021

As the creator of groundbreaking AI software, James “Cash” Pike lives and breathes bots. He prefers little about human company, having turned down the opportunity to helm his father’s trillion-dollar robotics company, Cygnus, in favor of working independent contracts from the seclusion of his Yosemite Valley compound.

When he receives a contract to perfect a companion bot prototype from an overseas company, Cash initially feels the job is beneath him, but after some convincing from his closest friend and Pike Tech’s CEO, Devin Salter, Cash begrudgingly accepts the six-month contract.

But there’s a catch. The project comes with a live-in assistant named Hiro Tanaka, who seems too perky and sugar-obsessed to know anything about bots. Then Cash finds out his new assistant graduated from the New York Robotics Institute at fifteen and seems to be intimately familiar with Cash’s AI software. As Cash realizes that working with someone on his level isn’t the end of the world, he begins to develop something for his assistant that speaks beyond codes and wires.

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Coming June 2021

A bounty hunter and an outlaw witch make a dangerous journey across the western States to take revenge on a powerful clan of beastmen that betrayed them both.

WHAT WE CANNOT SAVOR is an upcoming serialized story available in the Kindle Vella store

Reid Yorick needs money, so he takes odd jobs. Mostly he fights. Legal, illegal, win, lose–doesn’t matter, so long as he gets paid. But it’s never enough. Until he loses a fight the same night he’s offered a job as a personal assistant to the leader of a vicious gang called the Red Leaves. Aside from the money being more than Reid’s ever made in his life, the job suits him better than he’d ever thought possible, and may just be what he’s been looking for.

This story contains: violence, BDSM, pet play, and other kinky escapades between a plucky but loyal street urchin and the stoic crime boss he comes to serve.